Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One sketchbook at a time.

For years I used to buy those crappy, black sketchbooks. You know, the ones with thin, uninviting pages. I would draw a few pictures - put it aside, lose my focus, then misplace it. Buy another. Then repeat..repeat..repeat. I must have 10 of them - barely filled in. I had good intentions but I just couldn't keep it going. A few years ago I decided to work in only one sketchbook at a time. And to draw regularly! That commitment to regular drawing in one place helped...and got me on the right track. (And there is a wonderful new world of high quality sketchbooks out there - more on that another time.) I find I am much happier with a one-book-at-a-time approach. I draw more often and more consistently. And I love the types of things I now choose to draw about, our travels of course, but also more mundane daily events - visitors, meals, purchases, pets, etc. And I hadn't anticipated the upside which is having a visual diary that I can flip through and remember the past few years. So I keep moving forward - one drawing at a time - one sketchbook at a time. I will try to post here more often...one post at a time.

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