Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boy, has it been awhile!

The summer flew by me... and then it was back-to-school time for the kids. But things have been happening and I know I should update and post and I will over the next few weeks.. I promise. (Summer involved a trip to Costa Rica and then a trip out to the Seattle area. I will post some pics about those later.) But I will work backwards.

First off... current issues: my eyes. I have been having eye issues for the last few years (feels like forever - a sudden retina problem, double vision, decreasing vision and frustration) and recently it was decided that I have cataracts! Well, that news made me feel old.. which I am not.. just unlucky, I guess. But it was also a relief. For many months, before the diagnosis, I would wander around my studio getting nothing done, misplacing things, finding I couldn't focus. I realized how much my eyes connect me to the world. I know that is true of everyone... but, for me, not seeing well makes me feel stupid.. out of touch.. incapable.  But now I understood why I have been feeling only half-here. Finally an answer.

So, I have had one cataract removed and the difference in the one eye they have done so far is AMAZING. The next one is scheduled for next week... meanwhile, I CAN'T WAIT!! But I am trying to be patient.. I can't drive.. can't wear my glasses so now I have one good eye and one very, very bad one and am wandering around the house, trying not to trip over things or trim my finger tips as I chop. It is very disconcerting, this sort of half seeing.

Above I said I guess I am unlucky.. but that isn't really how I feel. I feel amazingly lucky. Lucky that medicine today can solve this problem. Lucky that I have health insurance to cover the cost and that what it doesn't cover I can easily pay for. Lucky that I have a helpful and supportive husband who has reassured me that things would get better. And now I can see, and believe, that they will.

So, when the second operation is done I hope to be spending more time upstairs in my studio. Feeling connected - inspired - productive.
And I might even be glasses free! I've been wearing these forever... so we'll see how close the Docs can get me to 20/20. They are hopeful. I will just be glad to see.

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