Thursday, February 18, 2010

Before... and After

For ages (years actually) I have felt that I couldn't get anywhere on my artwork because my studio was a disaster area. The desire was there but... whew, what a mess. Scraps of paper with art ideas were mixed in with my kid's school papers, mixed in with cards from last Mother's Day, mixed in with unread articles about illustrators, mixed in with... well, you get the idea. When I would want to start a project I just felt like I was adding more mess to the pile.  No clean surface to work on and often I couldn't locate the half-finished project I intended to continue. I would get occasional projects done but there was no peace and flow to the work space. When I would try to attack the piles it just felt overwhelming. Just too huge to attack. Moving my studio upstairs, I felt I had, at last, a wonderful space to work in. But it was only potential space. I needed to get the mess under control. This is a picture of Before.. just a couple of weeks ago.

But then several file drawers became available and I suddenly felt the possibility of peace and sanity.  I was inspired and I have been throwing, filing, moving, organizing... and I see the light. I have cleaned off most of the flat surfaces, filed away lots and lots of papers... and am ready to get to work! Here's my After photo.

Not sure if these Before and After pics capture the difference but it sure feels better up here to me! Time to get to work! I'll show you what I come up with.


  1. I read somewhere that you know when you have your space when you can let out a sigh of relief (or something to that effect - sorry for the poor paraphrase). Congrats on the lovely workspace you have achieved! I can totally relate to the piles of 'stuff' everywhere and have yet to establish a proper studio myself.